About company

NETWAVE is a specialized network integrator that solves IT tasks of development, implementation, modernization and maintenance of organizations and enterprises corporate information networks and systems.

From the start of the company creation we aspire to form a team of highly qualified specialists, which will love their job and be able to solve non-trivial, but interesting tasks, directed for creating effective and innovative solutions for needs of different levels and sizes businesses.

Nowadays NETWAVE confidently holds the position of an expert in the information technology field, and has a wide spectrum of competencies, confirmed by relevant certificates and partner statuses of Vendors, and also by positive Customers reviews and appreciates.

Our purpose:

Is various sizes and fields of activities Customer’s companies IT needs maximum satisfaction.

Our mission:

By means of information technologies implementation we improve communications, accelerate information processing, and automate processes to reduce the time for decision-making, to provide management flexibility and as a result to increase the effectiveness and success of our Customer`s business.

The basic principles that we follow in our work:

  • to focus on innovative methods and approaches in the information systems design;
  • technological innovations usage that allow to solve Customer’s business tasks more flexible and economically;
  • careful study of the Customer’s branches and businesses peculiarities for creating effective IT solutions;
  • systematic approach in operational work with the Customer;
  • integrated approach and focus on results.

For this purposes NETWAVE always invests in knowledge of our specialists, conducts a systematic analysis and learns about all technological innovations, which are offered to the market by leading vendors, keeps track of all changes and trends in the various industries development.

We know about importance for today’s business to maintain their competitive advantage, that`s why we offer to our Customers the best intellectually designed innovative IT solutions, which provide reliability, efficiency and continuity of business processes.

We are proud of successful experience in complex IT projects implementation, and the most important achievements for us are positive reputation and recommendations from our Partners and Customers.

We will be glad to demonstrate our skills and knowledge on practice in solving IT tasks which you faced with!