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    Modernization of the Bank’s Network Infrastructure Protection System

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      about the customer

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      FUIB has a reputation of a reliable financial advisor and assistant for millions of clients. However, the majority of transactions are done on the go using mobile devices in today’s fast-paced world. This means that services must be operated at a high level. Personal data security is of paramount importance for any financial institution.

      The Bank’s representatives requested Netwave to enhance the network protection system with Next-Generation Firewall-based solutions. The upgrading was to include a significant increase in traffic control and improved manageability.

      about the customer





      About company

      FUIB is a reliable bank aiming to be a financial advisor and assistant for both private individuals and corporate clients, foresee their expectations and needs, and offer efficient solutions.

      Business in numbers


      our results

      task immersion

      Consulting with the customer on the potential introduction of a Next-Generation Firewall-based solution. Audit of the network perimeter to detect any systems or subsystems that require upgrading and development of a suitable solution.


      We have developed a new architecture and implemented Cisco Next-Generation Firewall-based solutions. Integration was also performed with the centralized authentication and endpoint authorization system based on a Cisco ISE solution. We have also introduced a management single point for Cisco FTD hardware and policies used by those devices.


      The network perimeter control and intrusion detection and prevention. Content flow control and detection of malicious files have improved significantly. The system now allows for aggregating knowledge on the network and all connected devices, exchange with other protection systems, etc.

      technological results:

      • Advanced threat detection functionality.
      • More detailed analysis of security incidents.
      • Perimeter protection systems with customized policies-based access control.
      • Enhanced control of inbound/outbound traffic.
      • Higher network perimeter capacity.
      • Improved manageability due to streamlined filtering policies.

      new business opportunities


      Of the network perimeter with Cisco Next-Generation Firewall-based architecture and integration with the centralized authentication and endpoint authorization system based on a Cisco ISE solution.


      Of a higher level of data protection with remote access to the customized policies-based infrastructure. The quality of inbound and outbound traffic filtering has also been improved to prevent data leakage.