Human, Family, City, Country, World…



Human and network… How much common do we have?! Between the life of simple cells and complex system of neural interconnections of the human brain, and between one person and highly organized social society is one and the same life organizing connection – network. Human himself is a complex network that lives and interacts with other networks – nature, society. Humanity, by its continuously improving, made a step into a new stage of the civilization developing – Information society, which based on the communicative information network!

On the wave of dynamic information communications development, as well as relying on the knowledge and experience obtained by our experts in successful multi-service networks building projects, it was conceived and established NETWAVE company, as a specialized network integrator. We clearly understand the specifics of our work and aware its importance. We build a network for life, so the high quality and performance of our implementations for assigned tasks achieving are key principles in our work.

The main pride of our company – people, professionals in their work!

One of the key motives in our team work is the positive result obtained by the usage of innovative technologies, combined with the ability to understand and adapt to the customer’s business specifics.


Always glad to cooperate!