Today, when it is already difficult to imagine life without hi-tech electronic devices which surround us at work and at home, when practically all document flow is carried out in electronic form and gradually process of migration towards cloudy services begins, network security of the stored and transmitted data plays the most important role in activity of each company.

Now many understand the importance of security, but in most cases all actions in this direction come to an end with simple installation of the network screen on border of a network and/or usual anti-virus programs at workstations and servers which, unfortunately, already are not always enough for full company data security. Network attacks constantly are in development and become more and more difficult and complex, consisting from different components, each of which is aimed at a certain protocol or system vulnerability. In the whole, it allows to reach effect of very fast distribution of attack and defeat of a large number of unprotected or under protected systems and services, thus the fact of invasion and harmful influence can remain unnoticed for long time (from several days to several months).

Today the task of ensuring effective protection of information resources and the related  company business processes needs complete vision and an integrated approach, implementation of organizational and technical measures system at all of enterprise IT infrastructure levels.



  • Firewalling and invasions prevention systems.
  • Network access management and control systems.
  • Mail and web traffic contextual protection systems.
  • Application services security systems (databases protection, web applications)
  • Security information and events management systems.
  • Protection from malicious and harmful software systems.
  • Cryptographic protection and data leakage prevention systems.
  • Virtual media protection systems.
  • DoS/DDoS-attacks protection systems.
  • Administrative access control and management systems.
  • Physical access and video surveillance control sestems.